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tv   [untitled]    May 21, 2015 8:30pm-9:01pm PDT

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make sure they are acknowledged here in this chamber >> thank you. the next area i wanted to cover has to do with the class standards. this is cultural and linguisticly appropriate standards. the class standards are a national standards and a blue print if health care organizations to implement cultural and linguisticly service said. they are broad guidelines [inaudible] and practices and preferred languages that address health literacy and other communication needs of patients. while cpmc is compliant with the development agreement requirements, service changes raised question frz the department of public health to the extent the standards are hospital. in march of 20 wub 5 [inaudible] 2 level peer review
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conducted by cultural ling ristic access expert within the department of public health. one was a high level hospital wide review that looks at cpmc as a whole. the second was a more in depth review focused on the diabetes clinic at saint lukes. there is staffing changes relate today the saint lukes dibeaty clinic and proposed or own bilingual staff do a peer review of cpmc dibeaty clinic. in may of this year just this munt cpmc advised it will perform its own review uses outside expertise. they will hire a consultant who will do a review of their compliance with the class standards hospital wide and with regard to the dibeaty clinic. that review will be performed within 120 days and
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will share that report with debarment of public health. they agreed to share information that will allowtuse perform a high level review that we will also do. the innovation fund is aortarea i want to highlight t. is held at the san francisco foundation funding decision for the innovation fund are made jointly with representation on a small committee that includes san francisco foundation, department orphpublic health and cpmc. 4.6 million of 8.6 million if had innovation fund has been deposited thus far and pleased to tell we awarded 3.3 million. i won't go over all of the list of services or project awarded. you can see themthere. 740 million is estimated to be awarded later this months. the goal is
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to target low income community to develop community base cupeacety and development programs and serves that reduce the need for unnecessary hospitalization. finally, i wanted to talk a little about saint lukes community engagement. the health and planning commission had a joint hearing in december of 2014 and both commissions and theect director of health and planning in their compliance certification advised cpmc to engage in a on going dialogue with communities suronding their hospitals. director garcia met with staff to request this of staff. in may cpmc aconvened a group to plan a meeting around the saint looks campus to be held in the summer of 2015. this smaller
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meeting included representative from supervisor campos office, public health, the mission [inaudible] asian [inaudible] san franciscan for heth care [inaudible] at this meeting cpmc and the group shared ideas for structure and content for the community meeting to happen in the summer and cpmc is planning for that meeting now. the overall meeting plan is that cpm made the commitment to present information on what was going into saint looks hospital and hear community interest and concerns about what they're planning. that concludes the health care presentation. at this point i'll turn it over to liz watty >> thank you >> thanks coeen. to wrap up the presentation i want to touch on the issue of the [inaudible] is the planning and [inaudible] is required to be impt lmented by cpmc between 2
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and 5 of the agreement and not a requirement of the 2013 reporting period. this particular component of the tdm plan is tied to population shaft away from pub suffolk and california campus that occurs with the opening of the hospital at van ness and geary. the purpose of the plan that includes a [inaudible] is one of many franz portation demand measures and reduce the drive alone rates and reduce parking short falls and environmental impact related to traffic air quality and green house gas emissions. with that supervisors that is the end of the presentation. thank you >> thank you. is there anything else in terms of presentations? i know we heard from cpmc, anything else to be added? why don't we turn it over to public comment. i know we vanumber of folk squz i have a number of speaker cards so limit public comment to 2
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minutes. at 1 and a half minutes there is a soft buzzer that goes off. as i call your name if you don't mind lining up on inisle to our left and your right. i apologize if i mispronounce your name [inaudible] mark snideer, [inaudible] ken barns. gordon mar, lay law [inaudible] sara [inaudible] ameet susean. mary [inaudible] calvin welch >> before mr. ramose speaks, the overflow room isn't the north lighted room [inaudible] room 416. >> good afternoon. i'm a [inaudible] here with san franciscan for health care housing jobs and justice. a
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community labor coalition that works to insure the cpmc reconfiguration of had san francisco campus serves the interest of patient, workers, nairgds community and city a as a whole. [inaudible] is not living tupe the development agreement. we need jobs and helt care and expect suter cpmc and neat the needs of all san franciscan. we expect the city to insure suter keeps the promises but the city failed to [inaudible] makes excuses and ignores local hire and transportation provision of the development agreement. the compliance monitoring process has proven ineffective cumber am some and delaid. the community should vasay in the service mix of the hospital and where and how tenderloin residence will accept hospital and specialty care. we are not interested in being breefd
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after the decision is made. monitor compliance and [inaudible] if the city doesn't call suter cpmc on the non compliance nobody will believe the mayor or planning department the next time they try to sell [inaudible] all future development agreements must include collateral agreement with community coalitions to participate in monitoring and compliance >> thank you, next speaker please >> good afternoon may name is mark snideer and resident orphmilly vala and emergency physician nom[inaudible] medical director of the emergency department from 99 to 08 and emember thorf board of directors [inaudible] a period that includes the historic
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[inaudible] appreciate the role [inaudible] excited to watch the construction process, however i'm concerned that cpmc isn't fully honored the terms of the agreement. i'm concerned about the failure to meet the man dated number of charity patients in 2014 and dish missile of bilingal staff at the dibeaty centers. they fired the nurse manager a bilingual dietician and clerk levering a part time nurse with limited [inaudible] this isn't in keeping with the terms nof development agreement. i support the proposal of the collateral agreement for san franciscan for health care housing jobs and justzs that incleeds transparency and [inaudible] thank you >> thank you and i will read a few more names. peter cohen,
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charles [inaudible] kim [inaudible] cathy [inaudible] gill nob >> hello my name is bob prints and came here to exz spress concern there isn't agreement on the [inaudible] as you heard doctor browner announced they reached ongrument with saint ant in a. i think this week [inaudible] she has been very open with us about the progress. i hope this is good news. i expect it is good news. saint anteany is a credible provider. there was a meeting in the tender loan erloin who expressed a intres in being able to tell cpmc what thairb preference would be and how to get helt care in the tenderloin and would like to take that theme and apply it to [inaudible] to plan a
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community forum that would describe what the plans for the rebuild of saint luke suz about. i think we had a honest exchange and made it clear it is our hope and expectation this isn't just a presentationf, this is a opportunity to talk to people in the community but about the what they need in health care. as we discussed from the folks from cpmc, we have gone a long way-there was a time the hospital inpatient is closed, this is a time for us to say that decision is made, how can we work together to make this the best hospital possible. i'm hoping the 4m we jointly plan with thythem will be a opportunity for people who historically used saint lukes and continue to use saint lukes to help people make decisions understand what the needs are and they take them seriously >> thank you, next speaker please
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>> my name is kim barns and i was a primary care physician at saint lukes for 32 years leaving 3 years ago. i would thrike address twoe issues, the dibeaty center and lack of community participation in the planning of services. on march 12 of last year cpmc announced the lay off at the dibeaty center you heard about which amount today the entire bilingual and bicultural staff. this was done in face of the fact that the large majority of patient at the center were spanish speaking and 52 percent had dibeaty of pregnancy, a serious condition. [inaudible] use interpreters, a poor substitute for spanish speaking providers. physicians involved with the center were out raged
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as well at patient. cpmc's reply, we'll study the condition and report back which they have not done. people have to call a third party to get an appointment rather than having something directly add the center. the second issue i wish to address is the lack of accountability and transparency for cpmc. for over 2 years sf [inaudible] tried to establish a relationship with cpmc that allows the community to participate in the planning of services but was met with a stone wall. cpmc did convee a group of providers and citizens, but it was a update not a discussion. cpmc is blowing the opportunity of developing a relationship with community after years of
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mistrust and battle. to restore credibility cpmc needs to consult with the broad representation of the community [inaudible] holding a series of meetings [inaudible] >> next speaker. >> good afternoon. gordon mars with jobs of justice. access to jobs at cpmc especially the non construction jobs is a high priority. this is due to the fact cpmc is the second largest employer in the sit a and the high rate of unemployment that sin san francisco. [inaudible] 2 years ago on the premise of creating permanent jobs and selling them with san franciscans from high unemployment neighborhoods. cpmc entry level hiring for non
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construction jobs is horrible for the first year and a half of the development agreement with a spike in hiring just in the last few months that allowed cpmc to claim they are coming close to the 40 percent hiring go. we like to hope that the improvement in hiring over the last few months is not just a aberration and one time trend, but given cpmc's performance for the first year and a half wree skeptical and we'll continue the hiring especially from it disadvantaged neighborhoods. thank you for your attention on this and look for full compliance with the pornts hiring goals >> thank you very much. next speaker please >> thank you and good afternoon supervisors. my name is lay law and with china for
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affirmative action. we are an employment aijs in china town so i want to give narratives for folks that applied for entry levels possessions. in the interest of time i'll share 1 or 2, but know sthr are dozens out there. first a client applied for a retail services representative position. i believe this was in june of 2014. it took tw months from the relf time to hear backt that ithey were selected for a interview and held on august 27 a month from the notification date. one month after the interview they received a call requesting a call back. it is 4 months from the application time. the client called several times and told no recruiter worked there and had the wrong number so the staff contacted the rerelfancy to see if they could reach the
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recruiter but no solution was reached. secondly, a acompliant applied to a house keeping aid position. staff receivered e-mail notification that the client had been selected for a interview, but the e-mail didn't provide the time or location. staff contacted the relf agency and otolds cpmc directly contacted the client several times and left a voice mail, but the client said she received no missed called or e-mails. [inaudible] however this time the client was told that she was called for a in person interview and told to wait for a phone call but this was the last time the client heard from cpmc. i recommend transapparent communication regarding hiring procedures wait time and next steps in the hiring process. prompt follow up with clients regarding and
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scheduling interviews and clear communication regarding time and location >> i will read a few more namesism sue chung, derek brown, cliff smith [inaudible] kate [inaudible] >> my name is sawa nob and registered nurse at cpmc. the development agreement is clear, cpmc was supposed to issue clipper card early unthe agrut and that hasn't happened. [inaudible] especially arounds the construction of cathedral hill hospital the community indurs lengthy traffic gentlemans and pollution. if someone at a higher level doesn't hold cpmc responsible san francisco and the community will continue to suffer. thank you
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>> thank you very much, next speaker, please >> good afternoon, my name is mary [inaudible] worked at saint lukes for a very long timeism we have currently [inaudible] absofens work clerks of nursing aids charge nurses. when i ask our director of nursing why can't these people be replaced i'm told because saint lukes isn't a acute care hospital. we have a lot of chronic illnesses but acute exacerbation and a lot of patients with mental illness. the reason we are missing so much staff is acpational injurys. on my floor alone there are 5 people injuryed in 6 months of those 53 are back. somebody needs to look at this. i was one of them. we need-my concern is if this pattern
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continues how will this look to the community? bh i campaigned for david comp pose i went to bruno heights and talk toog the people there they would like a a hospital that works for them, but in the condition it is in they will not come. will they come in the future? i don't know. the attitude toward us is so different from what cpmc projects. [inaudible] we like our patient squz like eeach otherism i don't think anything will change unlessen someone takes a look at all the things that has gone on in the hospital. i haight to think this is our future >> that you can very much. next speaker, please >> my name is [inaudible] i'm a registered nurse at cpmc pacific campus. nob nab in the union negotiation for all most a year now and we held auction by the work force. cpmc
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refuses to be held accountable to us just like they refuse to be held accountable to sthait. i would like taaddress the clipper card program which benefits many in san francisco, community and traffic. cpmc should have started that program in august of 2013. now i lurd in the presentation cpmc will start the program in 2 to 5 years. i am employer you to direct cpmc to eleaveiate traffic congestion by keeping promises in the da to issue clipper card to employees. we are asking for 100 percent sub stuty on clipper cards until the obligation is met. the time is now to hold cpmc accountable for their obligations. if not you, then who? >> thank you. next speaker, please
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>> cal ven welch and speak for san franciscan housing health care jobs and justice. i have a statement for the clerk as well. sfhj 2 request the board of supervisor amend section 5611 to provide for a collateral agreement between department of public health, the office of housing and work force development and our coalition in order to facil thait the implementation of pucklic benefits reached in the development agreement. i do not want to be sentical, i want to rejoice in the achievements of this development agreement, but by golly it is maws that amazing 2 of the [inaudible] getting citizen participation and planning saint lukes hospital and finding a
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mechanism to provide for health care needs of low income people in the tenderloin gets resolved the day of this hearing and a week before. so, if you don't give us the development agreement will you have one of these hearings every month? because we get action then. otherwise we don't. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> hello. thank you for having us. my name is cathlen [inaudible] president of the south of market [inaudible] resident community association. we are newly formed. i'm also a clie ant of [inaudible] clinic and i was homeless 2 is a half year as go. i am very dishearten today hear without public input come with an agreement as to what clinic is going to serve the tenderloin
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residents. there isn't community input t is all decide from the top down. where is the input from the community. the collateral agreement, this is something you need to have with san francisco housing health care housing jobs and justices. very important for us to have this because you need have input from the community. it can't just be decide by bureaucrats and people in top authority. there are people like me that really care whether it is for housing whether it is for jobs whether it is for our decision on health care. we need better access and need to be able to help you decide what is best for us in stead of what you deciding what is best for us. collateral agreement and please do something to help a lot of the tenderloin residence and other people that go to some of these clinics in the tenderloin area and so forth to be able to access. going up to general is
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very stressful. we need other options >> thank you very much. next speaker >> good afternoon commit amembers, my name is [inaudible] i am with the [inaudible] community organizing department. for a while this community coalition that consists of neighborhood rez dnss organizer and neighborhood steak holders fautd hard for compliance of the development agreement yet we are still underminded. [inaudible] it if the city is dropping the ball or creating a deviation frainsurement of cpmc not upholding the obligation of the deadline [inaudible] without our faces on it. i find it disheartening this is [inaudible] because the city wonderful population lives are at stack. it is bad enough
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that the exclue sirfbty is not serving the marginalized. the suvartee of the issue [inaudible] members of the committee, you all should sign on to the collateral agreement with us because out of both parties we need to be in the middle of how our community direction should turn. accountability doesn't come with a price >> peter o00, counsel [inaudible] we have been a part of the san franciscan for health care housing jobs and justice for faum the beginning t. is a very complex project and very complicated package to implement. if you recall in may 2013 the coalition proposed a collateral agreement. the city aprosed. here wree 2 years later and the compliance
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report from cpmc as well as the sate report said everything is okay and your 3rd party monitor mr. jur auto flagged a number of issues that need to be paid attention to and in the conclusion said i suggest the board of supervisor squz responsible agency pay close attention to cpmc performance in the coming years. the question is how? you have 4 or 5 more years of doing this joand you see the packed out of people. the compliance so far is because of the endless amount of work done, the due diligence by the community a to flag those issues that came out in the third party monitors report chblt we can't do that year after year whether there is no formal role for the community. there should and could be a formal role for the community iin making sure this deal is done the right way. the sit a is talking about using development agreements as
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a tool for other large complex deals coming down the road and to see those things working effectively we have to take construction from this particular project and say how can the due diligence and monitoring be done well and how can the community play a lasting role so it is done right. [inaudible] make the da on big projects work the way they are supposed to. thank you >> thank you, next speaker, please >> [inaudible] hello supervisors my name is rita witker. i'm a resident at the [inaudible] hotel, i have been there for about 10 years now. i have been diagnosed with bone cancer and allp i want to say is that for support for helt care for me t is a organization
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called the sky watchers who take me to the hospital and give support. i just want to say again that i have only one wing to fly with and i think we do need 2 wings to fly with and that is where the supervisors come in. thank you so much >> thank you very much. next speaker, please >> good afternoon supervisor. gab real thomson and tendser loin resident. in lieu of trying to get my education i took my daughter all the way from the tenderloin over to supervisor avalos district so she would have day care so i can get the training that i need. i want to hold cpmc accountable for this. i am a qualified person, i have a med call office certificate which i went to school for so i can
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work so as a tenderloin resident and single mom i can get to a better platform so i can show my daughter a better life. this is something that we want. this is something we need. this is not just we are asking because, you should just serve a blatant community. we are the community you need and serve. i also need the health care. i have a daughter with disaability to and take her all the way to general sometimes is very distressful. it means getting her out of school early and taking her to general and she is trireed and that trenz ends into my next day so these are needs not just wants >> thank you very much, next speaker >> good